111 – Miami Heated Gamer Moment

111 – Miami Heated Gamer Moment
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Hosts: Jo, Sara SunhatZhenya, Val
Premiered: March 13, 2021

We’re baaack! Sara, John and Val shake off the rust to discuss our new President, Joe Biding His Time, aka Joe Bidet-n, and whatever the hell a Parliamentarian is. Other topics include New York politician scandals, land defenders, Mr.s Foot and Boot, and an athlete’s oopsie (extremely offensive) stream word. Warnings, we discuss bidets and …their function… in the beginning of the episode, which only gets a little bit graphic.

Featuring: Sara, John, and Val who also edited.

Supplemental links:

Intro: The Taxpayers – Evil Men
Outro: Unknown P – Piers Morgan

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