S1E23 – And Unto Us, a Child Is Bort

S1E23 – And Unto Us, a Child Is Bort
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Hosts: Jordan, Sam
Premiered: February 10, 2018

We did it! We survived an entire season of this show! Finally, here we are, talking about S01E23, “And Unto Us, a Child Is Born”. It’s here! We have a baby! But who cares about that, when there’s drama to be had about… Jack and Alice? And Ricky and Adrian? Wait, sorry, that can’t be right. These must be my notes from eleven episodes ago. Anyway, if you’ve ever wanted to hear Sam scream Naruto/SLOAT crossover fan fiction, you’ve come to the right place. This week, the music budget is back, sort of! Welcome to Bensa!

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