S2E1 – Huh! Breasts!

S2E1 – Huh! Breasts!
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Hosts: Argyle, Jordan, Sam
Premiered: February 18, 2018

Welcome to season 2! This season really kicks things off with one heck of an episode. Here we are, joined by friend of the show Argyle Funk to talk about S02E01, “The Big One”. Let me tell you, we sure do encounter some big stuff – and I’m not just talking about Betty’s [insert funny name for breasts here]! We also get a three-second Mimsy sighting, a three-times-as-large John sighting, and a three million condoms sighting. I think that’s pretty much everything that happens! This week, the first person to reference JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure dies. It’s been fun, Argyle!

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