EPISODE 23: Oatmeal Crimes

EPISODE 23: Oatmeal Crimes
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Hosts: Sara SunhatZhenya, Satah
Premiered: March 9, 2018

Welcome to the first ever live episode of The Wonder Yeerks! Lulu’s up in Toronto for EGLX, and Satah made the trip over to her hotel to record this episode in the flesh! Also, the gang has finally found a weapon to fight the yeerks, and it’s fuckin…oatmeal. Brown sugar oatmeal. Yeah, we don’t know either. Apparently this happens in the books, but we haven’t gotten there yet, so we assumed this was a weird edit by the showrunners, but it’s canon! Whoops!

In addition to this abysmal episode, we also discussed: Live Studio Audience, EGLX [check Lulu out on Saturday at 12:15 EST! twitch.tv/gamesfinishe], Airborne Meat Trap Beat, Luna Watches Satah’s Face Not React To Her References In Real Time, Oatmeal Onomatopoeia, Customers are Stupid, Prop Budget, Shaped for Tunnels, Luna Sings An Entire Hanna-Barbera Theme Song?, Animorphs Musical

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