16 – WetWarioASMR.mp3

16 – WetWarioASMR.mp3
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Hosts: Ambious, Matt, Sam, Sara SunhatZhenya, Zach
Premiered: April 6, 2018

Luna is back, and she finally has the bionic leg of her dreams! Thanks, Obama! That was so nice of him to do that surgery for her. Good thing, too, because otherwise Sam was going to kinkshame ASMR without any opposition, as he should. Luna also sits down with friend of the show Ambious to talk about the recent IDF attack on Palestinian protesters, because it wouldn’t be a week on earth without something horrific happening. Also, we come up with some alternative names for EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, just in case he decides his current one doesn’t have enough pizzazz.

Featuring Luna, Sam, Matt, and Zach.

Music used:

The Taxpayers – Evil Men
Simple Plan – I’m Just a Kid

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