Episode 9 – Blabla Dodo

Episode 9 – Blabla Dodo
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Hosts: Aury, Matt, Zane
Premiered: January 20, 2017

Elite Full Restore is back for the new year and yet again we’ve brought a guest, we’re joined this week by Zane (@epengu) to talk Fakemon, Smash Bros and generally to give us a hard time.

  • The Wild West of Early Internet Pokemon Fandom
  • Zane blankets the entire podcast with callouts of EZBoard, Miyamoto, Postgame of Thrones, his own brother and, of course, us
  • Fear and loathing in the Smogon OverUsed tier
  • Mother 3 is never coming to the West and we all need to expect it no Aury I’m not letting you put that in the show notes
  • Matt gets the Pokemon Go section to a cool five seconds
  • Super Mystery Dungeon is a bullshit baby game
  • Aury damage calcs an offhand joke because they’re a huge nerd
  • We talk Fakemon & fake types, both ones we’ve made and ones we’d love to make
  • French and German Pokemon names are extremely good
  • Zane answers that one question we get every week
  • Bulbapedia gets down and dirty


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