A Special Pre-Podcast Briefing!

A Special Pre-Podcast Briefing!
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Hosts: Argyle, Audrey, Dan, Elliott, Max, Sarah
Premiered: June 4, 2018

At time of recording, we have FINISHED Duel Monsters!!! So we wanted to drop an information-packed minisode in at the top of the feed to keep new listeners up-to-date.

Thanks for checking us out! We’re great fun, we hope you stay.

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Since a lot of time has passed and the links and plugs we give at the end of early episodes are mostly out of date, here’s is where you can currently find us all:

Hosts & their associated media:
Argyle – Hosts Like a Podcast (a Podcast about the Yakuza Games)
Audrey – Co-runs The Reticulation (LGBT Pop Culture Criticism)
Dan – Hosts The Sonic Shuffle (a Random and Holistic journey through the many Sonic Continuities), Disney Minus, and Stranger’s Fiction (Actual Play focused on shorts)
Elliott – Simply Vibing
Max – Hosts Wow!! Cool Robot!!! (a Podcast about Gundam), and Slappers Only (a video game music showdown podcast)
Sarah – Hosts Never Believe It! (a Naruto de-watch podcast)

Podcast socials:
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