EPISODE 109: Final Destination

EPISODE 109: Final Destination
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Hosts: Blair, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: August 13, 2018

Hey, Sara’s back from her depression diversion! Her void vacation! Her sadness sabbatical! She’s back and ready to talk about death chasing down her and Blair, yet again – somehow, the reaper hasn’t managed to catch up with these two idiots. Anyways, hope you like Glenn Howerton!

In addition to this teen death romp, we also discussed: Burnout Breaks, UHM Rumors, Final Destinalien Covenant, CLEAR???, Glenn Howerton’s Writing Foibles, Kanye Schrek, and The Most Pre-911 Movie Ever.


  • Flywrench
  • Good Omens

Thanks as always to Satah for their incredible intro/outro music!! Check out their stuff at http://gaygothvibes.online!

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