18: Oops! All Smells!

18: Oops! All Smells!
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Hosts: Argyle, Dan, Max
Premiered: October 18, 2018

Would you believe it? It’s another weird one! Thank the Egyptian gods, not as weird as last week, but still pretty weird! We meet some more duelists in these episodes and, naturally, we immediately discuss their kinks, as normal people do. Tune in for good discourse on the different types of anthros, nipples, and a whole Golden Corral buffet of smells! Sidenote: Max is sorry he had to leave in the middle of the episode! He was arrested shortly after talking about nipples for far too long.

Watching: Season 1, episodes 6 & 7 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Featuring: Argyle, Dan, and Max

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