EPISODE 139: Shutter Island

EPISODE 139: Shutter Island
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Hosts: Gage, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: May 6, 2019

This week we’re coming in hot with an episode that definitely didn’t sit on any kind of backburner for a week or so and is immediately dated very minutes into the preamble at all… as your host Sara has friend of the show Gage back again to talk about the DiCaprio vehicle Shutter Island! Join us as we blast from the past into a My Little Pony discussion, make the expected jokes about Emily Blunt’s name, really enjoy some nice, rich Boston accents, and more!


  • Fruits Basket (2019)
  • The Tick (2016)

Intro and outro music by Satah, you can find more of their work at gaygothvibes.online

Editing done by Blair Kitsch, who can be found vibrating at impossible frequencies out in hyperspace.