43 – Dicks on the Table

43 – Dicks on the Table
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Hosts: Alex, Stephanie, Su
Premiered: June 2, 2019

Note: Sorry about Stephanie’s audio quality this week, she’s an idiot and broke her mic cable 2 minutes before recording. Thanks for understanding!

Richard Dawkins shirt we are all gay! Happy pride month! This week we’re joined by wonderful guest Su, and we get to talk about how incredibly gay this episode of SATC is (to us, geniuses). Our episode of the week was season 3 episode 13, Escape From New York, which took (most of) our gals to the wacky city of LA. Carrie’s driving stick, Sam’s dildo is thick, and Charlotte’s not getting dick. Meanwhile, Miranda is an angel whomst we adore. It’s a classic episode and we love to see it!

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