EPISODE 157 – Death Note


Welcome back, y’all! This week, after months and months of consideration, we’ve invited Su to join us once again to talk about Death Note! No, not the 2009 movie, or the ill-fated Netflix adaptation, but the whole damn anime itself! We, of course, talk about the nuances of criminality and justice and the highbrow hugebrained philosophies of Death Note but also, of course, about how every character in Naruto is Catholic.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken
Flash in the Pan

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Mother’s Basement – The Brilliance of Death Note’s Potato Chip Scene (Yes, Really)

057 – Butthole Science


We’re back! And amazing friend of the show Su is here again! They joined us this week to plow through season 4 episode 9, Sex and the Country. It’s a good episode for people who love to milk cows and bathe next to their mom, but a bad episode for city girls who hate the country, and also for people who have testicles. Tune in to learn the best country girl way to dispose of your garbage!

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EPISODE 145: Tomie: Beginning


Can you resist the horrific thrall of this… less-than-perfect Junji Ito adaptation??? Neither could your hosts! This week, Sara brings on Su @sumakesart to talk Tomie: Beginning to delve into such topics as: Lion King Sidebar, Capitalism Malaise, “The Ear Thing”, Tomie… 2!!!,  The Ol’ Doublebeard, Tomie Appleseed, and MORE!

A Place Further Than the Universe
by Kyoko Okazaki

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043 – Dicks on the Table


Note: Sorry about Stephanie’s audio quality this week, she’s an idiot and broke her mic cable 2 minutes before recording. Thanks for understanding!

Richard Dawkins shirt we are all gay! Happy pride month! This week we’re joined by wonderful guest Su, and we get to talk about how incredibly gay this episode of SATC is (to us, geniuses). Our episode of the week was season 3 episode 13, Escape From New York, which took (most of) our gals to the wacky city of LA. Carrie’s driving stick, Sam’s dildo is thick, and Charlotte’s not getting dick. Meanwhile, Miranda is an angel whomst we adore. It’s a classic episode and we love to see it!

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Running In The 90s

Kicked out of anime club? No problem! Just listen to Running in the 90s, where three random goofuses talk about the anime that we grew up watching. Each week, we break down episodes, explore fandom content, and experience nostalgia for our favorite classic anime.

024 – Huddled Masses, I Don’t Feel So Good…


*NOTE* This is episode had a few audio issues originally, so this version is the correct one! Thanks for your patience!*

Hey gamers! Are you ready for hot takes about the coolest new game Detroit: Become Human? Well you’re in luck! In between all of our gaming, we also talked to special guest Suzy about what it’s like to try and teach children in this current political climate, Puerto Rico, the Mysteries of Melania, a lot of presidential pardons, and whether you can look at your own butt. Also, we celebrate some important anniversaries!

Featuring: Evan, Sara, Sam, and Su

Note: we mention briefly Chelsea Manning and how glad we are she’s safe and doing okay. If you aren’t feeling okay lately, we want to share some resources with you.
US: National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255
UK: Papyrus 0800 068 41 41
Canada: CASP
Australia: Lifeline 13 11 14
Thank you so much for listening, we’re glad you’re here!

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