61 – Chekhov’s Cardboard Cutout of a Baby

61 – Chekhov’s Cardboard Cutout of a Baby
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Hosts: Alex, Jess, Stephanie
Premiered: November 17, 2019

Gamers………….. the moment we’ve been waiting over 60 episodes for is finally here. Kyle MacLachlan shows us his second funniest prank, and we hate to see it. For the occasion, we brought in Kyle MacLachlan lover and good friend of the show Jess to help dissect season 4 episode 13 (happy homestuck episode!): The Good Fight. Charlotte steals the show this week, but we also get a once-in-a-series visible dick moment that we CANNOT help but hoot and holler over. Meanwhile, Carrie is evil, hates Pete, and wears a hideous shirt.

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