87 – The Peach Mint Podcast

87 – The Peach Mint Podcast
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Hosts: Matt, Matt S, Val
Premiered: November 26, 2019

🍑🌱?!? Val and the Matts of Gamecube and Scotland discuss Elon’s cybertruck, the CN strike, the British leader debates, and the therapeutic effect of eating one (1) ice cream. If only Joe Biden would listen to their advice! It’s not too late to just eat an ice cream instead, Joe.

Also an announcement: HKIPGTD is going on break for the month of December! Due to the complications of scheduling in the holiday season and some host burnout, we decided it would be best to take a break from regular episodes for the month and then start fresh for the new year. Some bonus content may still make it down the pipes, and will be in your feed if it does! Semper funny!

Music used:
Evil Men – The Taxpayers
OCDJ – Guess What!
Hosts are Matt and Matt and Val, who also edited