EPISODE 172: Daniel Isn’t Real

EPISODE 172: Daniel Isn’t Real
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Hosts: Sara SunhatZhenya, Val
Premiered: June 29, 2020

Well, we’re back, but unfortunately we’re also entirely imaginary. You made the whole podcast up! All in your brain! But I gotta say: you imagined a banger episode this week. Friend of the show Val (@flightcubb) joined us to talk about Daniel Isn’t Real, which is a surprisingly on-topic movie to have watched for this very imaginary episode. We also make a way, way better version of baseball – enjoy!

Unraveled 2
Dicey Dungeons

Intro/outro music by Satah who makes music under the name people you meet outside of bars, for more tunes head over to gaygothvibes.online!

Edited by Sara, who really needs you to clean the litterbox ASAP.