Episode 13 – SMURFS CREEPYPASTA: Sock and Sadness

Episode 13 – SMURFS CREEPYPASTA: Sock and Sadness
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Hosts: Rainer, Roy
Premiered: April 4, 2021

(CONTENT WARNINGS FOR CHILD ABUSE (both human and smurf), CHILD DEATH (both human and smurf), DISCUSSION OF HATE GROUPS (human only, probably), AND WEIRD VAGUE HORNINESS (smurf-centric))

This episode’s pool of content is a bit shallow, but Nonna Roy and Rainer have nevertheless fished up some of the most horrifying literature of all time. Alongside SMURFS CREEPYPASTA, we also take a dive into some ghoulish GERMAN FOLKLORE, and wade into the hideous waters of one of the most notorious forum incidents on the whole internet, SMURF IN HAND’S BLUE MOON NURSERY THREAD.

Featuring: the thing you do with two normal Dennis the Menace type boys; both the greatest paragraph and the worst sentence ever read on this podcast; a National Book Award winner; a shared burden; plus, what DO Smurfette’s above the knee miniskirt and heels say?

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