Episode 35 – Give That a Taste, Bud

Episode 35 – Give That a Taste, Bud
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Hosts: Alec, Val
Premiered: May 4, 2021

Are you Randy?? Or maybe Gay? Even if you’re just a Guy, no matter what your name is you will love this episode of LMNOP! Alec and Val are back, with a short cameo from Balto, who has been up to adorable dog shenanigans since last episode. This week, we watched Season 2 Episode 11 of Elementary, Internal Audit. Discussions are hard-pressed to stay on topic this week as we discuss hubba bubba bubble gum, our experiences with mild internet fame, and what Sherlock might change his name to if he married Joan. Val’s best guess is John Watson.

Intro song by Noah Geist

Outro song is Watching the Detectives by Elvis Costello

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