EPISODE 214: The Mummy

EPISODE 214: The Mummy
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Hosts: Sara SunhatZhenya, Val
Premiered: August 16, 2021

This week on Fearbaiting, we take a look at a movie that was daring enough to ask: what if the slasher sucked you dry? Returning guest Val (@flightcubb) is here to talk about Brendan Fraser’s turn as Indiana Jones in The Mummy!! We also talk about Rachel Weisz’s Y: The Last Man contract rider, putting the pussy in a scarmophogoghs, the Blueverly Hillbillies, and a brand new Pokemon move that’s sweeping the meta.

RECOMMENDATIONS (that we didn’t actually get to in the show but trust us this is what we’re recommending)
Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
New Pokemon Snap!

Intro music done by people you meet outside of bars. You can find more of their work at gaygothvibes.online.

Episode edited by Sara, who is really hoping you’ll drop something off the dinner table for her to eat!