EPISODE 218: Saw V

EPISODE 218: Saw V
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Hosts: Morgan, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: September 20, 2021

Strap yourself into your rack trap, listeners, because we’ve got a doozy for y’all this week! Sawptember continues to lurch forward, and Sara and Morgan (@cursegoat) are lurching along side it as they dive into perfectly coherent and linearly-constructed Saw V! Join them as they discuss Solid Snake, the avengers of sex, flashbacks within flashbacks within flashbacks, basic utilization of narrative devices, and MORE!!


  • Fumble Dimension
  • Demon Slayer

Special Sawptember theme music done by Max Knightley. You can find more of her work at pastelhandgrenade.bandcamp.com. Special Sawptember cover art and editing for this episode done by Blair Kitsch, who can be found on Twitter @blairkitsch.