165: Duel Milk Inflation (ft. Cereal ASMR)

165: Duel Milk Inflation (ft. Cereal ASMR)
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Hosts: Argyle, Audrey, Dan, Max
Premiered: December 7, 2021

How Much Milk Could a Duel Milker Milk if a Duellist Could Be Milked? and would you put that milk on the Milleni-Yum cereal?

This week, we discuss Australian Dominic Toretto, declare an official war between Sub Crew and Dub Crew, watch Chazz Manjome google AMOUNG, and invite Al Roker officially onto the podcast.

Watching: Episodes 110-112 (S3 E6-8) of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

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Edited by Sarah. Sorry for boosting the cereal noises so much.

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