S1E4 – Moe Girls for Grandmas

S1E4 – Moe Girls for Grandmas
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Hosts: Morg, Niamh, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: February 3, 2022

Subaru is once again speedrunning through the loops but this time tries a more “just vibes” approach as he becomes a customer of the manor instead of a worker. And as you know, all customers suck! The twins agree as they act a bit differently this time around. Subaru learns more about them but at what cost? He also becomes worried since he is coming up on his fourth run on a new loop, which is when he solved the last one! Is my man running out of 1ups?

For those watching the original airing order, we’re discussing episodes 6 and 7, “The Sound of Chains” and “Natsuki Subaru’s Restart”!

Intro/Outro music: Dead! by My Chemical Romance

Cover Art: https://twitter.com/kaloliferart