Ghost Gayest pt 2 – Legitimately Fruity (ft. Felix)

Ghost Gayest pt 2 – Legitimately Fruity (ft. Felix)
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Hosts: Emory, Felix, Morg, Quatre
Premiered: April 4, 2022

We are joined once again by guest Felix to discuss episodes 26 and 27 of Digimon Adventure 02. Part of our ongoing coverage of the Gayest Episodes of Digimon! And get ready, folks, because these ones aren’t subtle about it.

Our discussion covers Dave Strider, heartbeat talk, old CG, Spider Mommy (again), crests are cringe now, Magnumcondomgemon, first kisses, first Zukos, and gay kids in their feelings.

NEXT WEEK: We watch episodes 6 & 31 of Digimon Adventure 02. What if you could only escape the depression ocean by becoming non-biney?

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