Episode 45 – Minecraft is Here

Episode 45 – Minecraft is Here
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Hosts: Argyle, Val
Premiered: April 12, 2022

Tuesday Again? Miss Hudson! This episode, Val is joined by friend of the show Argyle, of Kamurocho Radio, Pod of Greed, and Wow! Cool Robot Section 4. They watched Season 2 Episode 21 of Elementary, The Man With The Twisted Lip. Sherlock’s brother has landed in NYC, with a straight agenda and some suspicious characters near him. It’s getting very European in here… We discuss suspicious frenchmen, uovo a sorpresa de bambini, high-tech drones and low-tech CGI, and Pringles Man Heroin, all while remembering to be very respectful of law enforcement.

Argyle (he/him) @argyle_funk

Intro song by Noah Geist

Outro song is Watching the Detectives by Elvis Costello

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