Episode 44 – Extendo-Pointer Watch

Episode 44 – Extendo-Pointer Watch
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Hosts: Jo, Val
Premiered: March 28, 2022


Returning guest Jo and Val say f**k Jeff and his birds, after watching Season 2 and Episode 20 of Elementary, No Lack of Void. We examine the downsides of eating a bag you found, admire some incredible character names like Apollo Mercer, learn a about Canadian indigenous politics, and ruminate over the nature of ghosts. Val is definitely NOT selling illegal dirt, so don’t contact them for the large variety of competitive prices available. Anyway, did you know Sherlock is British? If you didn’t, you will definitely know after this episode.

Guest host Jo (he/they)

Intro song by Noah Geist

Outro song is Watching the Detectives by Elvis Costello

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