S1E9 – Mr. Mitzvah’s Dick Smasher

S1E9 – Mr. Mitzvah’s Dick Smasher
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Hosts: Gigalithic, Sam, Val
Premiered: September 17, 2020

Oops! Uh oh! We thought season 3 was good but it turns out if you take a rotten brown apple and apply a lovely coat of beautiful expensive red paint, you still get sick when you take a bite. In fact, the paint would probably make it worse! This is a metaphor for how it feels to watch season 2 episode 3 of WWTBAS: it looks so much like a real show that it hurts all that much more when you see what unacceptable horrors Stan has in store for his poor helpless victims who just wanted to run around in costumes. Excelsior????

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