S4E5: What If Starscream Was Normal? (With Quinton Reviews)

S4E5: What If Starscream Was Normal? (With Quinton Reviews)
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Hosts: Audrey, Nero, Quinton Reviews
Premiered: December 18, 2022

This week we’re welcoming famous videosmith and bearer of iCarly knowledge Quinton Reviews on to talk all things Skyfire/Jetfire. ‘Fire in the Sky’ and ‘Fire on the Mountain’ are quite a pair of eps. The first one features some of the first real character lore we’ve had for this show, expanding on Starscream’s past and giving his character new context, and ends on a rather melancholy note for the usually bonkers G1. The second one…well it’s mostly just kind of wild, but it DOES feature Optimus Prime falling down a bunch of stairs several times! We discuss the strange history of Jetfire’s toy and why he looks like that in the show, the implications of Starscream once having been normal, and of course how Skyfire and Starscream for sure used to date. Oh and whats with all the magic green crystals that keep popping up in this show?

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