S5E3: For Want Of A Starscream

S5E3: For Want Of A Starscream
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Hosts: Audrey, Nero
Premiered: March 26, 2023

(Apologies in advance for Audrey’s audio this episode. Due to mic issues we had to fall back on the recording bot.)
This week, we start getting into what Beast Wars is most well known for; the slow roll of a mysterious ongoing plot involving strange structures and bizarre technology scattered across the planet. Oh, and Optimus Primal getting killed/seperated from his body/transcending somehow. That also happens a lot. Also discussed; Rhinox’s massive chainguns, Tarantulus and Rattrap crack shipping, and how in the absence of a Starscream the average treachery level of all Decepticon/Predacon characters drastically goes up. Just don’t ask if the beast bots can poop or not. We don’t know.

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