S7E1 – Super-Speed Turn

S7E1 – Super-Speed Turn
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Hosts: Gigalithic, Val
Premiered: August 30, 2023

After 400 years, Val heard the telepathic messages Giga has been sending out, asking someone to watch the Spider-Man tokusatsu with them. So here we were! Two out of three of the old gang are back together to watch some more superpowered goofiness, and Spiderman (Japanese)(1978)(TV show) does not disappoint. This show is like taking a ride on the back of a superspeed motorcycle, AKA sick as hell!! This week we meet our main cast of characters, including the roguish Takuya, who loves riding his bike and hopes nobody makes him pick up their centuries-long grudge, and Garia, from the planet Spider, who’s probably a normal guy. We also meet Professor Monster, and I don’t even need to explain his deal. You get it just from the name! This week, Spiderman becomes Spidered, we say hello and goodbye to Professor Yamashiro, and our hero fwip-fwip-fwips his way to victory over two of the funniest looking guys I’ve ever seen. Unlike our other seasons of Zero to Zero, watching along is highly encouraged.

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