Zero to Zero

S8E1 – Dunning and Kruging

They said it couldn't be done! They said it shouldn't be done! Sam has been dragged back kicking and screaming to once again watch a bad-looking movie: The Flash! Is this the worst-looking movie we've ever watched? Possibly! Should this movie exist? Absolutely not! Let's all grit our teeth and try to tolerate two simultaneous Ezras Miller as we investigate the mystery of the 100 CGI mothers and the crunchy purple guy who punched the Flash into last week, literally. Val | Gigalithic | Sam Twitter | Cohost

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S7E2 – Flog Loom

Supaidaman is back on the scene, ready to kick some ass! But only the asses of specific people who he finds worthy of the effort. This week Giga and Val talk Season 1 Episodes 3 and 4, featuring a truly bug-eyed monster and merman premonitions. Val | Gigalithic Twitter | Cohost

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S7E1 – Super-Speed Turn

After 400 years, Val heard the telepathic messages Giga has been sending out, asking someone to watch the Spider-Man tokusatsu with them. So here we were! Two out of three of the old gang are back together to watch some more superpowered goofiness, and Spiderman (Japanese)(1978)(TV show) does not disappoint. This show is like taking a ride on the back of a superspeed motorcycle, AKA sick as hell!! This week we meet our main cast of characters, including the roguish Takuya, who loves riding his bike and hopes nobody makes him pick up their centuries-long grudge, and Garia, from the…

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S6E3 – Shaped Like Executive Dysfunction

Well, we finally finished Mystery Men, and the movie didn't get better since last time. In the third act, the Mystery Men gang do a mega whoopsie daisy and superkill the superhero they came to rescue. Oh no! Now it's up the them and their Chekov's Tank to defeat Casanova Frankenstein at his Frankenstein Casa. The hijinks that ensue can only be described as "not actually funny" and "improv'ed whole-cloth." This movie was not good, we're going back to directing commercials now. Jo | Val | Gigalithic Twitter | Cohost

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S6E2 – Enter Racism Man

Watch out, here he comes! The racism man is in town and really went bananas on the script for Mystery Men in this part. But that's not all, the movie also does some peak aughties humor that only guys who are NOT gay can pull off. Stay on the lookout for really, really funny jokes such as when a woman, or when a skunk humps someone's leg. It goes on for a long time. We also meet some new characters, some who we enjoyed, and some who are The Spleen. Don't forget to leave a five-star review on itunes if…

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S6E1 – FuriosityStream

Zero to Zero returns! That's right, everyone is here, Giga, Val, and... Jo??? The gang talks about the first third of the critical darling, 1999's "Mystery Men" starring Ben Stiller, William H. Macy, and Hank Azaria in only his second most problematic role that I can think of. We meet our heroes, villains, antagonistic other heroes, Tom Waits, who is horny for octogenarians, and much more! Val | Gigalithic | Jo Twitter | Cohost

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S5E18 – A Little Nod

At long last, we have completed this ridiculous project of ours! The Bladetastic Era of Zero to Zero has come to an end, and nothing could be more appropriate than the trash ending Fant4stic gave us. The Fantastic Four finally team up for the first time in this movie, but will it be better than their single team attack in the 2005 movie? Well, it depends if you even count this one as a team attack! Ah, well. It's mostly just a shame that we never got to meet Doctor Doom! Since it's my last episode I'm going to drop…

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S5E17 – A Knife in My Heart (Positive)

We don't have to watch Blade: Trinity anymore! We may never know what really happened behind the scenes that led to this movie being such a disaster, but one thing we know for sure is that it made us sad. We'll always have "suckheads". Join us next week to find out if the third act of Fant4stic is any better than the third act of Blade: Trinity, a question nobody has ever asked before! Sam | Val | Gigalithic Twitter | Cohost

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S5E16 – Boys Time

Part 1 of Fant4stic was kind of surprisingly okay, so they decided to take a hard left from generic action-adventure into tragedy and body horror! How will we ever get back to funny prank montages now? More importantly, how will Doctor Doom be the villain? I wish I knew, but unfortunately I'm no expert at pattern recognition! Sam | Val | Gigalithic Twitter | Cohost

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S5E15 – Cheez Whiz in the Chest Hole

We're in the second act of Blade: Trinity, and we've learned some things about this movie! Did you know? Dracula wasn't supposed to be in it! Good luck to us trying to make sense of the plot with that in mind. Meanwhile, Wesley Snipes was supposed to be in it, and allegedly he is! Sometimes! Against all odds, we wish we were watching Fant4stic. Sam | Val | Gigalithic Twitter | Cohost

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