E56 – The Trolley Pro(-life)blem

E56 – The Trolley Pro(-life)blem
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Premiered: March 1, 2024

Well, well, well. At long last, we’ve found the infamous "pro-life episode" people have been waiting for us to watch. But is series 8 episode 7, "Kill the Moon", truly a pro-life episode, or is the writer simply a clown who shouldn’t be allowed to get within 100,000 miles of politics? Yes and no, and yes. Don’t let the title fool you, this is an episode about how you shouldn’t kill the moon. We can all agree that it would be bad to do that… but what if you thought it was a trolley? What if it wasn’t a trolley, but you still thought it was? Would you kill it then? This episode really makes you think, unfortunately.

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