S6E2 – The Detesters of Woody (KH3 Part 1)

S6E2 – The Detesters of Woody (KH3 Part 1)
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Hosts: Unlisted
Premiered: April 10, 2024

The third Kingdom Hearts begins here! We’ve finally made it to the most recent game in the series besides Dark Road and Melody of Memory and also the rest of KHUX that came out after this! Our journey begins in Olympus Coliseum, a world whose name should probably be changed at this point. There’s no Coliseum in Olympus this time around, and maybe that’s why it’s actually pretty great for a change! After that, we’re checking in with Rickey and Miku in the Realm of Darkness. Will they manage to find and rescue Aqua? We’re only 45 minutes into a 12 hour cutscene compilation, so probably not!

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