Henry Kissinger Is Pokemon Going To Die

Not a threat, just a fact!

89 – Dinero Targaryen

Live from a toilet at the bottom of a well! It’s alex leafcrunch! Val is also here but they sound normal. Imagine they’re sitting on the sill of the well and keeping her company so she doesn’t feel so alone down there. It’s just like that one episode of the Simpsons. The dynamic two-o give you the lowdown on your soon-to-be-favourite sovereign songwriter city-state, your already-favourite presidential paper purveyor Parnas, your anti-favourite car clasping clam contraption, and more. We also solve Game of Thrones (the answer is Dinero Targaryen). Just goes to show, there’s lots of time for solving life’s…

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88 – Some Macklemore News

Rejoice, listeners, your long national nightmare is over! Henry Kissinger is Pokemon GOing to Die returns to the fray after taking a month to rest off the burnout. We return with a slightly tweaked format, but don’t worry, someone says “Peepee Poopoo Johnson” at some point and Sara talks about Nancy Pelosi doing orange justice so not that much has changed. In addition, Roy ponders what Bitch McTurtle is up to, Matt Gamecube considers the dearth of actual left-wing media, and Sam saunters back into the podcast for a little round of the ol’ Movieball!Music used: The Taxpayers – Evil…

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Foresight is 2020

Happy New Year, gamers! Roy, Zoey, Sara, Caroline, Matt, Alex, Matt, alex, and Val give their predictions for the year 2020, and recount their lightbringers of 2019. Is this the year that Mr.H.K. is P.G.T.D.? This and other questions are answered from our very own prognosticators. Reflect on the past year and look forward to our future together with (some of) the hosts of HKIPGTD!Featuring: Roy, Zoey, Sara, Caroline, Matt, Alex, Matt, alex, and ValEdited by Val

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87 – The Peach Mint Podcast

🍑🌱?!? Val and the Matts of Gamecube and Scotland discuss Elon’s cybertruck, the CN strike, the British leader debates, and the therapeutic effect of eating one (1) ice cream. If only Joe Biden would listen to their advice! It’s not too late to just eat an ice cream instead, Joe.Also an announcement: HKIPGTD is going on break for the month of December! Due to the complications of scheduling in the holiday season and some host burnout, we decided it would be best to take a break from regular episodes for the month and then start fresh for the new year.…

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86 – Famous Hockey Racist

Matt and Sara take you on a gaming adventure before going way over their heads trying to talk about Bolivia. Also, we weigh the idea of respecting the troops during hockey and also at Panera Bread.Featuring: Sara and Matt, who also edited.Music used: The Taxpayers – Evil Men Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus [Dogshit Big Structural Bailey Edit By Matt] 

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85 – T Pose For The Troops

This week we’ve got kind of a Zoey and Roy one! The Royal Canadian Legion invites us all to have a solemn gaming moment and Zoey does some Amazon shopping for some good products. Fallon also stops by to talk about everyone’s least favourite voice actor.And remember, Morrissey is Pond Scum!Featuring: Zoey and Roy Edited by MattMusic used: The Taxpayers – Evil Men Foo Fighters – Miracle JPEGMAFIA – I Cannot Fucking Wait Until Morrissey Dies

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84 – Oof, Just Heard About Cancel Culture. Softblocking Obama Now 😬

This week, Sara and Matt (Not GameCube) discuss who’s peach, who’s putting cool racing stripes on their oil pipelines, whose hometown eats a recordbreaking amount of domino’s pizza, and more! A veritable who’s who of an episode. Snap election time, baybee!!!!Featuring: Sara and Matt Edited by alex leafcrunchMusic used: The Taxpayers – Evil Men OG Maco – Twelve Bricks 

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83 – Who Drink Laura Cooper?

This episode is jam-packed. Val and alex discuss, among other things: the fallout of the Canadian election, Republicans on their various celled phones, a Twin Peaks/Riverdale crossover, AOC vs. Mark Shmuckerberg, matryoshka hitmen, trees, and Tay Zonday’s newest single, Mama Economy.Music used: Evil Men – The TaxpayersTrain – Danny GonzalezMama Economy – Tay Zonday 

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The Northern Ireland Conundrum

Originally intended as a short segment on this week’s episode, Matt’s discussion with friend of the show Sarah ran long enough to release on its own. Sarah helps give us a simple primer on the history of a divided Ireland and just how badly Boris Johnson is fucking everything right up.

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82 – Ellen the Generosity

This one’s a whole lotta episode! Val and Sara squeeze in topics from last week while also talking about dem debates, Ellen the Generous’s choice in friends, The Blob, and some normal guys doing normal things like writing letters and ignoring subpoenas. We get to the bottom of what PG&E stands for, and what should be done about transgender kids who have to pee. Spoiler alert for that second one: it’s letting them be kids! Make sure to listen all the way to the end for a funny cheese.Hosted by Sara and Val (making their debut as editor).Music used: The…

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