89 – Dinero Targaryen

89 – Dinero Targaryen
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Hosts: elizabeth leafcrunch, Val
Premiered: January 21, 2020

Live from a toilet at the bottom of a well! It’s alex leafcrunch! Val is also here but they sound normal. Imagine they’re sitting on the sill of the well and keeping her company so she doesn’t feel so alone down there. It’s just like that one episode of the Simpsons. The dynamic two-o give you the lowdown on your soon-to-be-favourite sovereign songwriter city-state, your already-favourite presidential paper purveyor Parnas, your anti-favourite car clasping clam contraption, and more. We also solve Game of Thrones (the answer is Dinero Targaryen). Just goes to show, there’s lots of time for solving life’s little mysteries when you’re at the bottom of a well, inside of a toilet.

Hosted by val and alex and edited by the latter!

Music used:
The Taxpayers – Evil Men
Tay Zonday – Mama Economy
David Guetta ft. Akon – Sexy Chick (Radio Edit)