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105 – Shrek’s Dick Candle [POTENTIAL DISINFORMATION]

Matt and Sara discuss the very truthful subjects of windmilling a pissballoon off your dick to own cops, salon entrapment, Pig Poop Balls, the Biden campaign shrinking into a corncob, and Joe Kennedy III making car crash history, which his family loves to do. They also discuss more serious topics like what's happening in Rochester NY right now, but let's be honest, we had you at "windmilling a pissballoon." Edited by Val, who also thinks Joe Kennedy III sucks. Intro Music is Evil Men by the Taxpayers Outro Music is a bit cursed but based of a Weezer song, censored…

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S7E2 – Intimate and Violent Things

Hey, remember in the last fanfic where Amy was in labor for like 15 chapters? Well, it's episode 2 of My Remake Of and Amy has the baby in this one. Wow! The pacing of it! We're reading chapters 3-8 and boy do they go by in a flash. This podcast will be over before we know it, but we're enjoying it while it lasts. This week, we've got a special guest writer for the really messed up stuff. Come on in, Margo! Sam | Jordan Twitter | Tumblr | Patreon | Discord | YouTube

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EPISODE 67: Oh Yeah! Uncles!

The six months between recording and posting this episode is a reference to the time travel in the book! Don't think about it too hard! We read book 47: The Resistance, which is about a real life war, unfortunately!! In addition to being xtreeme teene bored, we discuss: A Camp Movie Where They Keep Cutting To Beavers Building A Dam, Doing Crosswords & Getting Into Wordplay, and Brain's A Strawberita

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S2E1 – Don’t Wear Glasses, Don’t Go to College

Welcome to season 2! We've got eight beautiful episodes produced with a budget of eight beautiful dollars, which in both cases is two more than last season. How will a 25% increase in resources help the show? Quite a bit, it turns out! It's actually pretty alright, despite three of our ten contestants being uhhhhhh. You'll see! Sam | Val | Gigalithic Twitter

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#126: 80’s Week & Civil War Music!

Okay. I'll be honest. I told the guys that it was 80s week. They all showed up dressed like Marty McFly or whatever ready to talk about stuff from the 1980s bc I didn't clarify that it's 1880s week. That's on me. I'm really the only one who sticks to the theme in this episode but I take partial responsibility. I'll do better next time. TOPICS: Old Newspapers, Bill & Ted Face the Music, Remain in Light, Class Action Park, 1880s music, and "Did They Have It?"

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50 – An Advantageous Face

(CW because I forgot to record a warning: discussions of child death, gaslighting, and other forms of psychological abuse) Happy Manlet Monday, everybody! We've made it to 50 entire episodes, and to celebrate, sworn NoiseSpace brother of the show Jordan has joined us to tackle the longest chapter of the entire novel, chapter 47, "Guile--part II!" Today we take the Jin Sect Memorial Clout Highway to a big fancy party where we finally get to meet Jin "Jiggy" Guangyao and his wife, an extremely normal couple who definitely have nothing bad happening in their relationship, and then Wei Wuxian does…

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EPISODE 179: Beyond the Black Rainbow

The piper has come again, and it's time to pay up! By which I mean, it's time for our quarterly segment on Twilight, and you're just gonna have to sit through Sara and guest Ferris talking about the baseball scene! We also talk about other vampire properties, don't worry. Also, we talk about Beyond the Black Rainbow! RECOMMENDATIONS: Dorohedoro Universal Harvester Intro/outro music by Satah who makes music under the name people you meet outside of bars, for more tunes head over to!

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Tales from Bonanza: Olivia Cloer

Just because we're out of episodes does NOT mean we are out of Kid Nation content! You may recognize her from her stand-up, her cut-throat political tactics, or her upcoming book... Olivia Cloer is on the show! Listen as we take down Jonathan, learn about the true origins of Uber Eats, and delve into the seedy underbelly of Bonanza City's black market. "Stronger Than You Think: The Sisters Who Survived Kid Nation" is available for kindle pre-order NOW! And paperback on September 2nd.

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S2E3 – *Minion Voice* Bajeena!

Wow! There sure was a lot of wild shit in these episodes! Join us as we don our Smart Person Hats and discuss some themes and historical context, not unlike a certain other Smart Gundam Podcast... Look, if you want to expand your mind, listen to Mobile Suit Breakdown. If you want to hear three dinguses talk in minion voice, you've come to the right place! Banana!!! Watching - Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Episodes 7-9 Featuring - Max & Sarah & Colin Check out our other shows! - Pod of Greed & Slappers Only & Never Believe It! & smallwalk…

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S7E1 – Pregual AF

Good rnorning! The final season begins! We're rounding out our podcast with a beautiful fanfic called "My remake of: The Secret Life of the American Teenager" by Wattpad user ElizabethandVictoria, starting with the very long chapter 1 and the not as long chapter 2. We begin immediately after Amy's high school graduation, and boy, she has some things to say about the choices she made in the Secret Life finale! This week, we have no chance and no chonce. Thanks, jeffslil[redacted]! Sam | Jordan Twitter | Tumblr | Patreon | Discord | YouTube

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