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S4E2: Don Cliffote

Despite what you may think, the Decepticons weren't defeated simply by getting a little wet. G1 just keeps on rolling this week, with some of the most madness filled action sequences we've seen yet. Laser baseballs, clam nets, hand launched buzzsaws, and more await you here. Plus, Cliffjumper takes nothing but Ls, Soundwave does a brain scan, Bumblebee is a terrible scout, and we finally get to see what Jet Judo is all about. Noise Space | Discord

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Ep.3 – The Math Devil

Episode Notes CONTENT WARNING: in this episode we discuss grooming in some detail as it occurs within the show, as well as issues with smoking and other substance abuse. Please proceed with caution. We're also tackling the concept of Sara's degree, what goes faster than a horse, and Power's career mobility!

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S4E21 – This Hurts My Balls! :)

scrape scrape Huh, what's that scraping at the door? Could it be a new episode of Zero to Zero talking about Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance? This week is a week of transformations: an excavator becomes a devil, a man becomes a goblin, and the word vengeance becomes vongeonce. Will the movie transform into a good movie? Maybe if our new goblin can become enough of a bumbling sicko! Find out next week! Sam | Val | Gigalithic Twitter

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#69 – Nice!

Diet Coke & Lilith have a nice episode! Intro voiceover by Jarett Raymond Music & Sounds used during the intro & Outro: Hall of the Mountain King by Kevin MacLeod ( Thunder by lennyboy ( Door, Front, Opening, A - InspectorJ ( Noise - Juandamb ( Walking through Mud - Breviceps Strong wind inside house _ Viento fuerte interior casa - SonoRec ( Tape Start - unfa ( video_recorder_load_cassette_02 - Magedu ( creaky door - m_marek ( Door, Front, Closing, A - InspectorJ ( Door closing, door closed - steinhyrningur ( Door_Heavy_Reverb_Open_Close - LamaMakesMusic ( video_recorder_eject_cassette - magedu ( Music…

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194: It’s me, your husband, True Man

This week, we're forced to deal with the harsh realities of the dinosaur world and utilize our inner darkness! But at least Jesse is here to help, even if he's lacking his iconic southern accent. Ludo's Glams Watching: Episodes 172-174 of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Argyle | Audrey | Dan | Max Edited by Dan Twitter | Discord | YouTube Support the show on Patreon! A Noise Space Podcast

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#50 – Too Old for These New Hearts

We watched Episode 50 of Digimon Ghost Game! We made a gay little episode about giant shredded furries. Also social anxiety and making friends in highschool. Twitter | Discord | Tumblr Find the hosts elsewhere: Elvier - Twitter | TikTok Morg - Twitter | Cohost | Sonic Shuffle | Fwd:Fwd:Re:Zero Emory - FurAffinity | Gon x Will x Hunting and We Rate Queerbait A Noise Space podcast

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S8E5 – Tilting at Nether Gundams

My "I am not Tatsuya Yuuki" t-shirt is bringing up a lot of questions answered by the shirt. Watching - Gundam Build Fighters Episodes 10-12 Featuring - Max | Yuria | Dan Check out our other stuff! - Pod of Greed | Slappers Only | Never Mind the Trollocs | Six Feats Under | The Sonic Shuffle | Video Games: The Movie: The Podcast | Happy Holidays, Xbox Twitter Discord Noise Space

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S1E3 – Boy the Cannons

Ahoy! Talk Like a Pirate Day came early this year, (or late? I don't know when it is) because this week we're talking about Doctor Who 2022 special #2, "Legend of the Sea Devils"! This is a very recent episode, featuring Jodie Whittakré, as Jordan has decided to call her for some reason. Will the Thirteenth Doctor prove herself an old salt and join our crew of hearties? Or will she be a scurvy dog, scupper our jibs and leave us keelhauling our peg legs? Good thing we had so much time on our last podcast to practice our pirate…

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S4E1: Woe, Laserbeak Be Upon Ye

Right out the gate, G1 lets you know exactly what this show is gonna be; poorly animated, bizarrely written, and extremely funny. We're covering the three part introduction of the Transformers, More Than Meets The Eye. You will hear about Shockwave's huge honkers, the Autobot's huge brained plans, the Decepticon's complete two dimensional villainy, and how every single human in this show wears a hard hat. And while Starscream is obviously a hoot from minute one, we find a new favorite guy in the form of a rude blue dude that lives in Soundwave's chest. Now the only question remains;…

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Ep.99 – Vector X Gex Zone (Knuckles Chaotix)

This week, Dan, Morg, and Devon talk about Knuckles Chaotix! And then because that only took 40 minutes, talk about a bunch of other little Sonic games! Welcome to the next level in 32X World! THIS WEEK: Knuckles Chaotix NEXT WEEK: IDW Sonic: Bad Guys Dan | Morg | Devon Twitter | Discord

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