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S1E3 – …And Also With You – Year Three

Two years ago in the same galaxy… Nicky Flowers and Echo Vessel devised a podcast. …And Also With You is a once-yearly limited event prestige podcast about Star Wars from Noise Space and neo-detritus, covering one minute of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope yearly. In Year Three, Meys and Nicky hate Star Wars. Wait. Hold on... holy shit! Also, Nicky ponders taking BART to the Yoda Fountain. Isn't that quite the sentence? This year's overture intro is "Unlistenable Imperial March" by Nicky Flowers ARST ARSW: Star Wars sorted alphabetically: "I'm Han Solo": -- We recognize…

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#41 – Sour Cream Cumshot: The Taco Bell Special

It's time for Diet Coke & Lilith to face down their ancient frienemy: Taco Bell. Intro voiceover by Jarett Raymond Music & Sounds used during the intro & Outro: Hall of the Mountain King by Kevin MacLeod ( Thunder by lennyboy ( Door, Front, Opening, A - InspectorJ ( Noise - Juandamb ( Walking through Mud - Breviceps Strong wind inside house _ Viento fuerte interior casa - SonoRec ( Tape Start - unfa ( video_recorder_load_cassette_02 - Magedu ( creaky door - m_marek ( Door, Front, Closing, A - InspectorJ ( Door closing, door closed - steinhyrningur ( Door_Heavy_Reverb_Open_Close -…

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Super Sucker Duel Milking Machine

!!! SIGN UP FOR THE 2022 CUP OF GREED !!! We're rip roaring through the desert in our dinosaur cars to bring you more quality content. Don't worry, I'm so good at editing that you can't hear the monstrous engines of the cars, but trust me we're in them and we're havin' a grand ol' time. Jaden's gone missing, so we focus on the few remaining alive members of the cast for awhile as they try to get to the bottom of this whole supreme king business. Who could it be??? Wait what do you mean we already found out??????…

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#23 – Gammamon, An Empath

We watched episode 23 of Digimon Ghost Game! We discuss bug-o'-clock, protection rackets, Mummymon bedside manner, and why anime is better than prestige tv. Twitter | Discord Find the hosts elsewhere: Elvier - Twitter | TikTok Morg - Twitter | Sonic Shuffle | Departure Lounge | Fwd:Fwd:Re:Zero Emory - FurAffinity | Gon x Will x Hunting A Noise Space podcast

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Cup Of Greed 2022 Announcement!!!!!!!!!

By now you know the drill: Yugi's birthday. Card game tournament. GX-era banlist. Join the discord. Play the game. Win the game. Fair play fair duel. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE DISCORD CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE TOURNAMENT

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S6E10 – MILT

Look. I'm sorry. In this episode, I said that Icy Wind had a base power of 55... It was 60. I am so fucking sorry. I will hand in my champion's trophy. I will do better next time. EDITOR'S NOTE: I was RIGHT. Bulbapedia lists Icy Wind's BP as 60, when in every other (more importantly, competitive) game it is 55. So I was right. Carry on. Watching - Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS Episodes 29-31 Featuring - Max | Sara Check out our other stuff! - Pod of Greed | Slappers Only | Never Mind the Trollocs | Fearbaiting…

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Ep.82 – Mojave Winter Zone

This week, Dan, Morg, and Devon talk about Sonic Triple Trouble. Knuckles wants his stuff back. Eggman forms a polycule. Fang is a car guy. THIS WEEK: Sonic Triple Trouble NEXT WEEK: Sonic Adventure 1 (Gamma's Story and Super Sonic's Story) Dan | Morg | Devon Twitter | Discord

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104 – [FINALE] vincent the human man

its the finale of finales! thats right, bean and james are here to discuss the back half of The End, which james had not seen until recording this episode. one last ride into glory. one last breakdown of the joyless season 6. one last opportunity for sawyer to... well, i won't spoil it. one last frank lapidus funny moment. one last awful daniel faraday outfit. one last island shuffle. and a fond farewell to the silly island where anything can happen.

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S3E23 – The Kill Me Button

On this topsy-turvy episode, we talk about the ending of The Suicide Squad! Sam liked it a lot and Val and Giga didn't! You never know what's going to happen on this silly podcast of ours. Join us for a look back on all the Ha Ha Funny dialogue, dramatically satisfying character arcs, and the useless Groots we met along the way. Also, we're now caught up with all the DCEU movies up to this point! Stick around to the end to find out what we're punishing ourselves with next! Sam | Val | Gigalithic Twitter

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Episode 46 – Hey Yoda!

Genetics. Anesthesiology. Formula 1 drama. Playing 5,000 hours on Runescape and earning no points. These are all things Val learned about this week, from friend of the show Joe "Bulldozer"! We watched season 2, episode 22 of Elementary, Paint It Black. Joan has been kidnapped! Will the rich little Holmes boys save her? Will she save her captor's cousin? What's Val's cousin up to these days? Also, is torture bad? These are all questions we dive into answering this week as we take a trip to everyone's least favorite Ren Faire, Demonic Times. Joe (he/him) @thetallestjew Intro song by Noah…

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