Prime Cuts

S3E1: All Jets Are Queens

Time to begin the first season of Transformers Animated with the three part TV movie that kicked the whole thing off, Transform and Roll Out. It's got everything you could want out of a Transformers series premier; action, jokes, lore, and GIGANTIC CHINS! Just watch out for Tom Kenny doing a racist voice (2008 was a different time) and stay tuned for the long awaited return of a Prime Cuts classic; that's right, the Cum Cannon is BACK! Noise Space | Discord

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S2E13: What if Earth was a Eucharist

Well, Prime Season 1 is officially in the rear view. Did we think it was good? Did it hold up in 2022? Yes! We also discuss the odd place the Aligned continuity holds in Transformers canon, what we think the future holds, and also give out some wonderful awards. And of course, we reveal what series we're covering for season 3! You'll NEVER guess what Nero picked! NEVER! Noise Space | Discord

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S2E12: Oops! All Unicrons!

Here we are, at the end of Transformers Prime's first season. We've got everything you could want out of an explosive season finale; huge twists, cool action, crazy alliances, and one hell of a cliffhanger. We discuss Megatron's love of drama, John Noble's typecasting as shitty fathers, insane G1 plots, and plug some fanfiction. (Also sorry about all the weird buzzing in Nero's audio. They got a fancy new microphone and didn't set up the gain quite right. Whoops!) Noise Space | Discord

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S2E11: fuck it, we ball

This week Sam joins us to talk about episodes 22 and 23 of Prime Season 1. Ratchet gets lost in the Synthetic Energon sauce and becomes an absolute chad, but is he enough of a Cool Grandpa to defeat Megatron? No, probably not. Then we're ramping up to the season 1 finale, so its time for Megatron and Optimus to have a fated duel in front of an erupting volcano. Oh also Raf nearly dies, but don't worry he's fine. Noise Space | Discord

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S2E10: Just A Little Birthday Bot

This week we're joined by Ruby from Konoha Crush to discuss episodes 20 and 21 of Prime season 1. We get to see Starscream at his most pathetic, Airachnid at her most catty, and Arcee at her most vengeful. Then Prime takes the old 'dumb guy gets made artificially smart' standby and imbues it with some pretty effective pathos and medical horror. We also discuss some of the most outrageous Decepticon plans from G1, and sigh dreamily when girls are kind of evil. Now come on, you wouldn't hit a Seeker on his birthday, would you? He's just a little…

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S2E9: Vehicular Slapstick

The worst month of Starscream's life continues this week as we cover 'Metal Attraction' and 'Rock Bottom'. After an episode of magnetized shenanigans, attraction jokes, and Airachnid saying some of the gayest shit in the show so far, its time for everyone to get trapped in a cave and have A Bad Time. Why DOES Megatron keep Starscream around? What does Bulgarian Screech Metal sound like? What is going on with the weird vibes between Jack and Arcee?? We don't have all the answers, but we DO have important information about robot MILFs. Noise Space | Discord

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S2E8: Mr. Crimes

We've got a MECHtacular double feature this week as we cover episodes 16 and 17 of Prime season 1. Silas and his merry band of techno-fascists return, Breakdown finds himself in a Saw movie, and Airachnid shows up once more to menace her rival Arcee (in a gay way). Also the Autobots play a bit of STALKER and June realizes how big of a nerd her son is. Then she meets her future husband, who turns into a truck. Just make sure to keep an eye out for that devious Mr. Crimes while you listen, okay? Noise Space | Discord

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S2E7: D.E.A.R.E

Oooooh, we've got a pair of spine chilling spook em ups for you this week; zombies, possession, and being trapped in limbo forever, just in time for...The Fourth of July? Doesn't seem quite right. Well, while we have you here we have some pamphlets about the dangers of Dark Energon to give you, and if you come to the seminar you get a free t-shirt. All you gotta do is...hey, where are ya going!? Noise Space | Discord

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S2E6: Stupid Sexy Spider

This week its all about people who wanna kill each other (but in a little bit of a fruity way). Cassidy (@whatiscosplay) joins us this week to talk about the debut of the evil sexy spider lady Airachnid, as she tries to murder Arcee (but also does the Spider-Man kiss pose so you know something else is goin on there.) Also this week, Bumblebee Psychonauts his way into Megatron's mind, Soundwave has very upsetting fingers, and Jack manages to be a nerd about camping. Isn't it kinda gay to have an arch rival? I mean, what's he arching, his back?…

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S2E5: The Ambiguously Gay Duo

Whoa, two new Decepticons! And they didn't die during their debut episode! AND they're gay??? What a treat! This week we're covering episodes 10 and 11. Miko learns a lot about Ancient Greece, a car flirts with a truck, Jack becomes involved in the world of illegal street racing, and we come to a horrible conclusion about Cybertronian bodily fluids. Noise Space | Discord

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