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S1E3: Yakkity Sax (Electro Remix)

Transformers Armada is a land of contrasts. Sometimes you get an episode where a character's ambitions and goals are fulfilled in a satisfying way and our heroes fight to uphold the safety of nature. Other times you get a fucking clownshow about carnival hi jinks. This week hear all about Starscream having a good time for once, Rad's surprising turn as an environmentalist, Hot Shot itching to shoot a gun at Billy and Fred, and the creation of a brand new carnival-ride based combiner team straight from the minds of your hosts. Noise Space | Discord


S1E2: Starscream Cringe Compilation

With the setup out of the way Armada can finally focus on what REALLY matters; finding little guys. As they go through episodes 4 and 5 of Transformers Armada Nero and Audrey ask the tough questions, such as: Is it wise to bring three middle schoolers into a robot war zone? What part does a Fusion Cannon play in Cybertronian lovemaking? Is Optimus a Dad or an Uncle? Why is Starscream Like That? The thrilling answers to all these questions and more are contained within. Listen at your own peril! Noise Space | Discord


S1E1: Megatron’s Special Little Guy

Don't you hate it when you're just hangin' with your boys and you accidentally reignite a long dormant civil war between factions of space faring transforming robots? Really bums me out bro. This week we're covering Transformers Armada episodes 1-3, and trying to talk about the episodes we watched between tangents about other Transformers media. Beware the consequences of White Boy Wednesday, and don't worry too much about the concept of a custom built labor class of robots. It's fine. Don't worry about it. It's FINE. Noise Space | Discord

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Episode 0: Starscream is Always Good

In the inaugural episode of their trip across the decades of toyetic Transformers television, Nero and Audrey talk about their histories with the franchise. That mostly means going on tangents about the IDW comics and Transformers Prime, and talking about who their favorite franchise character is (Spoilers, its Starscream). Tune in next week for the true beginning of our Transformers Armada adventure! Noise Space | Discord

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Prime Cuts

Transform, roll out, and plug in! Audrey (she/her, they/them) and Nero (they/them) are taking you on a ride through the history of Transformers television.