110 – Nintendonald 64

110 – Nintendonald 64
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Hosts: elizabeth leafcrunch, Jo, Roy, Sam, Sara SunhatZhenya, Val
Premiered: February 7, 2021

Well, it actually happened. President Wario has been forced to retire, both from the presidency and from posting. In honor of our least favorite game show host/pile of rancid old yogurt in a suit, we’ve compiled a list of 64 of his most iconic, bewildering, “jesus christ this guy was really the president, huh” moments and created a bracket. What will be the defining moment of the Trump era? When the dust settles, what will be Donald Trump’s ultimate legacy? Let’s find out together!

Featuring: Sara, Sam, Val, John, elizabeth leafcrunch, and Roy.

Edited by Sam.

Intro: Wario Land 3 – Title
Outro: Wario Land 3 – Credits

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