EPISODE 76: Cube

EPISODE 76: Cube
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Hosts: Blair, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: November 27, 2017

Hey folks! We’re trapped in a weird array of cubes, any chance you could help us out? Watch your step, some of ’em are trapped – Paul ate shit on a spike a few rooms back. Anyways, pull up a chair, let’s sit down and talk about Cube! Join us as we get into the kitchen, talk to mom, and say some of the worst words we’ve ever said on this podcast!

In addition to the boxy hell that is Cube, we also discussed Chef Luna (here’s her recipe!), Dax Shepardverse, Horrible Cunnilingus Analogies (PLEASE SKIP), Crapitalism, Sans Undertale, Kid Nation, and Robofuckin!

RATINGS: On a scale of zero to five cubes, our hosts both gave this movie a true should-shrugging 3/5 cubes.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Land of the Lustrous Solitary (Season 1 Only)

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