[Unlocked] Circlejuerg 10: Mastursayme


On the Juergen’ It Patreon, we spent February through April this year watching and discussing the famous Just Say Me episode of Secret Life, over and over again. Our plan was to do it weekly until the subscribers voted for us to stop, but our hiatus unfortunately threw a wrench in those plans. However, at long last we have reunited for one last foray into the twisted masturbatory mind of Brenda Hampton, after which we took it upon ourselves to act out the episode from memory. We had so much fun with this one, we decided to put it on the regular podcast feed! If you listen to this episode and are wondering, “huh, that was really great content and I loved it, but what were those weird jokes that I didn’t understand? There was something about Alice being magic, and I didn’t have the context but I still loved it so much?” then consider heading on over to the Patreon and throwing in just a dollar a month to get access to the whole series! Just something to think about!