80: bugs_bunny_spanking_lola_bunny.jpg

80: bugs_bunny_spanking_lola_bunny.jpg
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Hosts: Argyle, Caitie, Dan, Elliott, Max, Sarah
Premiered: February 12, 2020

Cork open a bottle of Chateau de Pegasus (or Pharoah Juice if you’re a teetotaler) and listen to us discuss Yu-Gi-Oh: The Movie (AKA Yu-Gi-Oh: Pyramid of Light), with special guest and Girlfriend of the Max, Caitie. Yugi unlocks the Bonus Bean Room. Kaiba appears in a buttrock AMV. Mokuba becomes an uber driver. Pegasus gets a regrettable tattoo where his eye used to be. Let it be known that the host who is openly a furry wasn’t the one to bring up Bugs Bunny spanking Lola Bunny.

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