S2E8 – Anima (These Are Me Loops)

S2E8 – Anima (These Are Me Loops)
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Hosts: Bran, Echo Vessel, Nicky Flowers
Premiered: July 2, 2020

Nicky Flowers has never listened to Radiohead. Meys has. Picking Up Something Good is a limited event prestige podcast from Noise Space and neo-detritus where Nicky and Meys run through all of Radiohead’s output, album by album.

This week, Bran from The Children’s Television Workshop and New Nintendo Podcast XL joins us to talk Thom Yorke’s 2019 solo album Anima. Come check out our loops!

Also: an unbearably long review of 2019’s Anima screening, Hollywood’s Thom Yorke Denny’s, and a quick review of the w.a.s.t.e. store.