S2E9 – The S.S. Naptime for Giga

S2E9 – The S.S. Naptime for Giga
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Hosts: Gigalithic, Sam, Val
Premiered: July 6, 2021

“Ahoy,” haha! This week we’re watching 40 Minute Chunk #2 of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition, and it’s boat time! Yarr! The world’s greatest detective, The Bat Vigilante in Gotham, has finally gotten to the bottom of his most mysterious mystery yet: what does “White Portuguese” mean? Well, it turns out it doesn’t matter to the plot of the movie, but it does have a unique power over Gigalithic. Meanwhile, Daily Planet sports reporter Clark Kent does an investigation of his own. Will he catch the serial killer who has been terrorizing Gotham for 20 years, Bruce Wayne? I hope he doesn’t let him go when he does!

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