PodRecesses Extended Universe #2: Hearts of Wulin LIVE from Nekocon!


Anybody here game? We sure do, and so do special guests Colin, Sarah, and producer Elliott, who have joined us live in our Virginia Beach studio after the famously 4-star (out of 10) anime convention Nekocon! GM Colin takes us through the “cool n fun” wuxia TTRPG Hearts of Wulin, while Roy, Fallon, and Sarah hop out of their Jin Guangyao, Nie Mingjue, and Wei Wuxian cosplay respectively and right into the spirits of the boys themselves. Wifi makes an enemy of the entire cultivation world (as he tends to), Jiggy passes on the hot chip but lies nonetheless, and NMJ comes face-to-face with Qinghe’s greatest enemy.

SPOILER ALERT: We did get a little bit caught up in the shit of it and forgot about a certain detail being kind of a big spoiler, and it accidentally became kind of a plot point in this oneshot. Forgive us. We be’d drankin

Intro: Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee – Despacito, arr. & perf. by Eelin Lim
Outro: 🐝

Double big extra thanks to Colin for recording & editing this episode!

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