S1E23: The Ballad of Gooey Gus

S1E23: The Ballad of Gooey Gus
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Hosts: Audrey, Nero
Premiered: March 27, 2022

Dear listeners, I have sad news. This is not a podcast episode. This is a funeral service for our favorite edgy anime bot. Good ol Starscream has been through a lot; gaslighting, swapping loyalties, being betrayed an uncountable number of times, getting sand everywhere when he went to Mars, but rest assured he is finally at peace. He fought the moon, and the moon won. He is survived by his dickhead of a commander, the earth girl he had some kind of weird thing going on with, and a tiny robot that turns into a race car. Now let us close our eyes and have a moment of prayer in his memory. And please, under no circumstances should you google “Gooey Gus.”

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