Episode 63: Combat Tutorials, LLC

Episode 63: Combat Tutorials, LLC
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Hosts: Argyle, Jordan
Premiered: May 27, 2022

Not only do we have a new game, we have a new protagonist! Handsome and suave and kind of a fucking mess, it’s fan favorite Akiyama in a banger intro chapter to what is, within the show at least, one of the more disliked games in the series. Will that opinion hold up? Let’s find out!

Playing: Chapter 1 of Yakuza 4

Music: GET TO THE TOP! – Remix OF THE END, Yakuza: Dead Souls OST
Speed Star, Yakuza 4 OST
Nervousness, Yakuza 4 OST
Pure Love in Kamurocho (Akiyama/Hana), Yakuza 4 OST

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