S1E9 – Triumphant Trumpets

S1E9 – Triumphant Trumpets
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Hosts: Jordan, Sam
Premiered: December 26, 2022

Have you ever thought to yourself, “man, I wish I could hear two white podcasters try their earnest best to be funny while talking about segregation?” Well, that’s weird, but I have exciting news for you, you weirdo: the RNG decided it was time for us to watch Doctor Who series 11 episode 3, “Rosa”! It’s not a bad episode, as it turns out! Is it a good episode? Well, that depends on who you ask. I’m sure Kuzco or Crisco or Klasky or Kronko… the villain of the episode would say no, but who cares what the time-traveling racist thinks? We can’t even remember his stupid name!

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