S1E13 – The Killing Me Computer

S1E13 – The Killing Me Computer
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Hosts: Jordan, Sam
Premiered: February 6, 2023

Uh oh… it’s time for a devilish episode of Doctor Who… imagine the scariest number you can conceive of, throw it down a hole, and then you will understand the terror of series 2 episode 9, “The Satan Pit”! There’s actually two terrors in this episode, and the second one is slavery. Welcome to the podcast, Ood! Sorry they called you a “basic slave race”. We’ll have to unpack that if we ever watch part one of this story. For now, the only things we’re unpacking is all of the helpless Ood when we blast them out the airlock! Hey, why did this science team have a pre-existing name for “let’s blast all of our slaves out the airlock”?

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