S5E1: Optimus Primal’s Lubed Up Thighs

S5E1: Optimus Primal’s Lubed Up Thighs
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Hosts: Audrey, Nero
Premiered: March 12, 2023

We’re finally back to get started on BEAST WARS, the most drastic revamping the franchise has ever been through. What if instead of cars and planes everybody turned into actual real animals? And instead of it looking bad because it was cheaply made, it looked bad because it was using cutting edge CGI technology? And what if there was an Autobot who was just a huge scummy asshole, who also turned into a rat? And what if Megatron was, you know…a little fruity with it? I won’t pretend to have answers for all of those questions, but I DO know that Optimus Primal is one slicked up boy, and that this series is ABSOLUTELY not set on Earth, no siree!

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