S5E18 – A Little Nod

S5E18 – A Little Nod
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Hosts: Gigalithic, Sam, Val
Premiered: June 7, 2023

At long last, we have completed this ridiculous project of ours! The Bladetastic Era of Zero to Zero has come to an end, and nothing could be more appropriate than the trash ending Fant4stic gave us. The Fantastic Four finally team up for the first time in this movie, but will it be better than their single team attack in the 2005 movie? Well, it depends if you even count this one as a team attack! Ah, well. It’s mostly just a shame that we never got to meet Doctor Doom!

Since it’s my last episode I’m going to drop the Description Voice here to say thanks for listening to this stupid podcast! It’s been a real weird journey that I never expected it to become when I asked if anyone wanted to watch Who Wants to Be a Superhero with me. Thanks to Val and Giga for doing this with me! It’s been a lot of fun even though we only watched two good movies, and I look forward to hearing where they take it next. Excelsior!

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