E50 – United States, Innit

E50 – United States, Innit
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Premiered: January 12, 2024

Bad news for Osgood fans: this week we’re watching series 9 episode 7, "The Zygon Invasion", and we have 50% as many Osgoods as the last time we saw her! In a world with 20 million Zygons and only one Osgood, how will Earth remain at peace? It won’t! This is one of those episodes that tries to be political and doesn’t really think about what it’s saying. "You think we should be nice to immigrants?" Of course! "Well, what if they were killer Grimaces from outer space?" No way! "What if they were nice Grimaces but their kids were mean because they were bullied for being British? Still think we should bomb ISIS?" I don’t know what we’re talking about anymore, sorry!

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